join Islamist rebels in Syria.

He defended the recent attack on Paris, which led to the murders of 129 people, by saying it was a fair response for what the French Air Force has done to his people.

Some of the subjects were personal, such as ‘Do you miss your mother?’ ‘At times, yes’, and whether he was allowed Apple products, ‘This is true, I had to sell my wife’s iPhone’.

He made a ‘joke’ about gay men deserving to be ‘thrown off a high building’ and said it was acceptable for girls to be taken ‘as spoils of war’.

ISIS have thrown dozens of men suspected of being gay face first blindfolded and bound off high buildings, describing them to be the ‘worst of creatures’. If they survive, they are stoned to death.

Among the questions and answers, Yilmaz posted propaganda such as Islamist fighters cuddling cats.


In a television interview with the Dutch broadcaster NOS last year, he said he had no intention of ever returning home to carry out a terrorist attack. ‘I would just eat,’ he said, ‘maybe some sushi, have some Dr Pepper and give my mother a big, warm hug.’

To ‘celebrate’ the US passing marriage equality, terrorists threw four gay men off a building in Raqqa, Syria on 26 June.

Mocking the message of victory, they posted: ‘Executed 4 GAY people by throwing him from High building in front of the people #LoveWins #IS.’

Following the question and answer session, Yilmaz’s Tumblr was removed.