RuPaul’s Drag Race, they’ve already achieved a small form of drag immortality.


They have been made into LEGO miniatures by a creative and talented fan named Sam Hatmaker.

‘I was inspired by so many of the queens this season from their very first interviews,’ Hatmaker tells The Huffington Post.

‘Sometimes it’s the look that attracts me, like Kim Chi, and sometimes it’s the queens themselves. Bob just made me laugh from the the first sentence. I think Thorgy Thor and Acid Betty have style and a good attitude about what drag is. It doesn’t have to be feminine; it doesn’t have to be traditionally beautiful. It can be anything you wear. As Thorgy says, ‘a clown is drag!”‘


Hatmaker didn’t have to go out and buy ant LEGO blocks for the project.

He had kept his LEGOS from childhood. But they were stored in giant bins and he found them tough to do anything with since all the shapes and sizes were mixed together.

But after encouragement from a friend, Hatmaker separated what he had into smaller containers and he was ready to get really creative.

He first gained attention for creating a replica of the house on the classic TV sitcom The Golden Girls which went viral after a friend posted it online.


As far as Drag Race goes, Hatmaker is confident he has chosen four ‘Golden Girls’ and that one of them will emerge the winner.

‘I think the four queens I made will make it to the top five,’ he says. ‘I have a feeling that although Bob hasn’t won a challenge yet, she’s on a rocket to win this thing. He just has such a great attitude, sense of humor, and he doesn’t seem like he wants to make drama. Acid Betty really shines for me too. If you can get past the acid burns, I think she has a great work ethic and really just wants to be good and isn’t going to let anyone else stand in her way or keep her from doing her best work.’